Makan Time in Singapore

Contributed by : Joe's mom through Joe COPYRIGHT TOP SECRET

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Indian Curried Chicken

My mom got it from my friends mom who moved here from India. I guess that makes it a pretty authentic dish. It sure beats having to use store bought curry powder. - Joe

Indian Chicken

1:  Mix and set aside  3T tomato sauce, 3T plain yogurt, 1C water

2:  Blend till smooth  4 cloves garlic, 1inch cube of ginger, 2T water

3:  Brown 1 cut up, skinned chicken in 3T oil

    Remove from skillet and lower heat

4:  Add to skillet  1 cinnamon stick, 2 bay leaves,

    5 cardammom pods (green if you can find them), 5 whole cloves,

    1t. hot pepper flakes - stir for 30 seconds

5:  Add blender paste and 1t. turmeric - stir for 1 minute

6:  Add tomato mixture, 1t. salt, 1/8t. pepper, 1T lemon juice - stir

7:  Add chicken, cover and simmer for 30 minutes, turning chicken a few 


    Serve with plain rice.

Source - Joe's Indian friend's mom
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