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Hyatt Kuantan Chili Crab

So here is another recipe for Chilli Crab, it comes from ths Hyatt Hotel at 

Kuantan, not that I ever ate there, mine was more for Cha Kway Teow at a $1 

Oz a dish.


500 gm crabs

100 gm oil (too much oil for me)

3 cloves chopped garlic

10 gms grated ginger

2-3 fresh red chillis, seeded if you are a whimp.

150 gms Chilli Sauce

150 gms Tomato sauce

20 gms sugar (not necessary in my opinion)

20 gms salt

1 egg	

chicken stock or water.

Clean crabs,cut into 4 - 5 bits.  Crack claws with back of cleaver.

Heat wok to very hot and add oil.

Fry  garlic, ginger, chillis do not burn

Add crab and cook till red, the crabs I mean I drink the red(claret)

Add sauces, sugar,salt stirrring constantly until boiling.  Add stock and 

simmer for 3 mins. Add one egg and stir frantically until cooked.

Serve with rice or crusty rolls. You will need a finger bowl for this or 

better still eat it in the bath.

Contributed by - Barry Miller
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