Makan Time in Singapore


Sambal limau


4 red peppers
2 tsp belacan ( shrimp paste )
2 limau fruits*
Palm sugar and salt to taste


- Grind the peppers, belacan, salt, and palm sugar ( not to fine ).
- remove the seeds from the limau's and press it ( onto the paste ) to get
the juice and mix well.
- Serve it with fresh salads or crispy fried fish/chiken.

* Limau is still family from lemon but it is smaller than a normal lemon
( as big as cherry ). It has dark green collour and it's give very special
flavour. If you can not find it in a Indonesian food shop, you can replace
the fruit with 2 fresh lemon leaves, chop it fine and add 2 tsp lemon juice
on your sambal. 

Source - Rudy Supratman