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Chili sauces

The following sacues are meant specifically for certain dishes but are good as a generally dip sauce.

Chili Sacue for Hainanese Chicken Rice

Rather hot, adjust to your taste. Ingredients: fish sauce sugar fresh red chilies ginger local lime (optional) garlic vinegar Method: Put garlic and ginger in mixer and grind till rather fine. Add vinegar, fish sauce, salt and sugar to taste. Squeese lime while serving.

Blachan Sambal for Claypot rice

This sauce is very hot, beware! Ingredients: Blachan limes fish sauce Chili padi (small hot chili) sugar Method: Grind or pound chillies(preferably with seed as it's meant to be a very hot sauce). Grill Blachan till fragrant over fire and grind with chili, mixed in sugar and fish sauce. Add freshly squeezed lime juice.

Chili Sauce for Malay Chicken Rice

Ingredient: dried and fresh chillies garlic palm sugar salt lime Method: Soaked dried chillies and grind all ingredients except plam sugar till rather fine. Melt palm sugar with water in a pan over heat. Add ground ingredients and cook till thick. Add freshly squeezed lime juice and serve.
Source - My mom
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