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Cantonese Sweet Balls

For the dough:


2 	packages Chinese sweet rice (glutinous rice) flour approximately 12oz

1 	pot hot water

For the filling:

1      	cup chopped, roasted peanuts

1/2	cup  packaged brown sugar (not the solid brick kind)

1/4	cup thinly sliced, dried Chinese dates  (the kind commonly used in 


1	small bowl of roasted sesame seeds

You'll also need a deep fryer, or a wok, and enough oil for deep frying. 


Empty flour into a mixing bowl and add the hot water gradually while 

mixing with a chopstick.  Add only enough water so that mixture becomes 

firm.  Remove dough from bowl and place onto to a flat surface.  Knead the 

dough until all of the flour is completely blended.  (BE CAREFUL, DOUGH 


TO HANDLE)  End result of dough should not be dry, but rather a bit sticky.

Have filling prepared ahead of time.  Simply chop and slice as stated and

mix everything except for the sesame seeds(save for end step) in a 


Take small portions of the finished dough, about  2 spoonsful  and flatten 

into 1/8" thickness (approximately 2"-2 1/2" diameter).  Add 1 spoonful

of filling in center.  Close the dough around the filling into a ball.  

Dip ball into bowl of sesame seeds.

When close to completing all the dough, begin heating oil.  When oil is 

hot, add the balls and fry until the balls become light and float on the 

surface.  Balls are done when they are completely golden.  Remove balls 

and place on  paper towels or in a large strainer to remove excess oil.  

Eat'em hot or warm, they're best that way.   I recommend making only 

enough to eat within a few hours.  After they sit and cool all day, they 

become soggy and taste like a bag of oil.  

That's all folks.  Enjoy!

Source - Connie
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