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Tapeh - Fermented Pulot (Glutinous Rice)


3 cups pulot, washed and drained
2 cups water
2 level teaspoons ragi (locally made yeast)


Put pulot and water in a pan with a cover and steam till pulot is cooked but grainy (use a container from a tiffin carrier).

Spread cooked pulot on a platter to cool a little Pass the ragi through a fine wire sieve. Measure two level teaspoons of this and when the pulot is just a little warm, sprinkle the powdered ragi on it. Mix the pulot and ragi well. Put into a glass bottle with a wide mouth. Put a circular piece of banana leaf on top of the pulot, cover the bottle and keep it in a box surrounded and covered with a few layers of cloth for 36 hours to ferment. Chill tapeh in refrigerator before serving with or without sugar to suit your taste. (If pulot hitam is used add 2-1/2 cups water for steaming)

Note: Ragi is a kind of yeast available at Chinese herbal medicine shops known in Hokkien as "Jiu Piah".

Contributed by - Doris
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